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  1. Why the name key64 ?

    I choose the name for the following reasons:

    • It begins with "KEYboard"

    • It have just 64 keys.

    • It sounds like amd64 for processors but this is for keyboards, so you can think of it as a new keyboard architecture :)

  2. Where the "@" comes from ?

    "@" is the 64th ascii code.

  3. How can you support the Standard 101 PC Key with just 64 keys ?
  4. This a three layer keyboard, so you can have up to 30x2 = 60 more keyboard codes to deal with, so you will have 124 keys in total.

  5. Where is caps lock ?

    It's gone, this keyboard is capsoff full conformance compliant :) but you can access this via Fn+Numlock
  6. Where are the functions keys ?

    They're gone but you can access them via Fn+Number and Fn+(j,l,u,y,;) for up to 15 Function keys

  7. Which operating systems are supported ?

    It will work out of the box on every Operating System that supports an USB HID keyboard.

  8. How to switch from one layout to another ?

    Use Scroll  Lock + Number.

Questions / Comments from visitors

 Joshua Hochner on 05/22/2011 asks:
Q: "Hello! First, I want to say that I think Key64 is a great idea and that I'll be following and supporting its development. Oh, and I like that you're using Colemak (not on the mock-up, but on on the Design page)! Regarding the navigation keys (arrow keys + Page Up/Down + Home/End), I personally think that using the TrulyErgonomic/uTron arrangement (a + "plus" shape or an upside-down T shape, respectively) seems more intuitive than the row arrangement. Let me know what you think. :)
A: "The "+" shape could be intuitive but they don't produce the same results as having the arrows keys in-line, just because you could rest your four fingers on it, with the "plus" shape you can only rest three, is just a matter of get used to, and you will find is better, while not intuitive more ergonomic and better performance."

Jochen Szostek on 05/26/2011 asks:

Q: "Hi there, Are you still using your custom keyboard? I like your idea, but wanted to ask if you still use/like yours, don't want to consider it for myself if you have changed your mind perhaps. :) Beste wishes, Jochen"
A: "Hi, i am still developing the keyboard and i will like it to become reality soon, when i finish the keyboard then i will tell you :)"

Gunnar Grimm on 06/22/2011 comments:
"I added a link to this site on my keyboard mod page  at geekhack. I really like where you're going with this...very progressive and all bases covered. I'm considering your embedded layout ideas to incorporate in the Kinesis. Nice. Gunnar"

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