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No ( windows | apple | google ) keys on keyboards

An initiative to make keyboards simpler than big corporations wants.

While designing the key64 keyboard i was facing a challenge on where to put the so called "windows" keys or the apple "command" key or the "google" search key on a simpler keyboard.

Current keyboards have shift , control and alt modifiers and they all seem to be enough for many combinations, so why on the earth does microsoft, apple and google wants to introduce another key modifier ? is not enough with two modifiers ? Do they believe that people will learn a lot of new shortcuts ? when the majority of the people only use the ctrl-[z,x,c,v] for undo, cut, copy, paste ?

Are they crazy ? how can they pretend a person can type in an ergonomical way filling the keyboards with keys on places harder to reach ?

The only explanation i have is Microsoft as well as Apple as well as Google only wants to make software and to promote the building of software that will lock people into their systems.

So PLEASE MAKE YOUR SOFTWARE USE ONLY STANDARD PC 101 KEYS, that means: don't rely on Windows keys, Apple keys, Google keys and for those who have to use an Apple Operating System that use the "Command" key remap the control/alt keys to behave the way you want.

So for backwards compatibility for a Windows keys or a Command key or a Google key on your keyboard we have made them available in another layer not the main one. Just look at section "Adding Support for Corporate keys" at the design page.

Is insane to have more keys than you can type on your keyboard :)

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