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Design Influences

Keyboard that influence the design of the KEY64 Keyboard.

First of all, we must comply with the PC-104 Keyboard Standard:

The PC 104 Keyboard

Then must turn this into an open, ergonomic and compact 64 keys keyboard.

Ergonomic Split Layout like ancient NEC Japanese Keyboards and others:

NEC Japanesse keyboard


Japanesse Keyboards

More Left and Right Finger Usage instead of pinkys:

uTron Keyboard

Large buttons at the center like typematrix:


Due to website comments received the design of the key64 will allow it to be splitable like the kinesis freestyle bellow or the utron showed above.

Kinesys Freestyle

Left and Right thumb usage like Maltron and Kinesis Keyboards:

The Maltron 2D Keyboard

The Kinesis Countured Keyboard

Compact Layout like the Happy Hacking Keyboard or ancient apple keyboards:

Happy Hacking Keyboard

Apple keyboard

No labeled keys like the DAS Keyboard:

DAS Keyboard

Eco- Friendy :)

A Wood Keyboard


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