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People involved in the development of the project.

Keyboard Design
Nestor A. Diaz with ideas from many others.
3D Design
Dennis Soebagio
Schematics & PCB Layout
Nestor A. Diaz
Carlos E. Sanchez
William E. Castiblanco
Firmware Programming
 Nestor A. Diaz
Gunnar Grimm a.k.a. "Input Nirvana" for being the first declared fan.
Dominic Beauchamp a.k.a. "Dox" for having forked the key64 into the ErgoDox.
N.N. a.k.a. "Dorkvader" for keeping people interested in the development of those kind of keyboards.
N.N. a.k.a. "Prismvalium" for such valuable resource like the KiCAD HOWTO.

And my apologies to everyone else I've forgotten

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