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New Youtube Video Channel

We had setup a new youtube channel to post videos.

You can see our first video at the following url ( html5 video, no flash required, no h.264 )

key64 keyboard from theory to practice lesson 1

The above video have been recorded using the following tools under Debian GNU/Linux :

  1. camorama
  2. recordmydesktop
  3. ktouch
  4. oggz-tools
  5. arista-gtk

We used a 21:9 template of 1120x480 pixels available for download.

The template is used to delimit the area in the screen for recording using the recordmydesktop application.

camorama is used to display output from the usb camera.

ktouch is used as a typing tutor.

oggz-tools is used to chop the video.

arista-gtk is the tool used to convert from '.ogv' which is the record file format used in record my desktop and encode in webM format (a.k.a. vp8 royalty free codec) so you can see with a html5 standard browser using a resolution of 1280x720 pixels.

 It have been nearly three months since i have been testing the key64 keyboard and is really a pleasure to type on it.


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