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Teensy USB Development Board

Getting a USB Vendor ID ?

2012-05-27 Update:

We got a usb ID from the OpenMoko project, read more.

Seems to be quite expensive, getting a vendor ID is about 2,000 U$ for a two year period, so be must find a cheaper alternative.

The USB-IF logos may be used only in conjunction with products that have passed USB-IF compliance testing and are currently on the USB Integrator’s List. This requires that the company be assigned a USB vendor ID number. Atmel’s USB vendor ID is 03EBh.

The allows chip manufacturers to give their clients a PID (to be used with the chip manufacturers VID) for use with that manufacturers chips. Some manufaturers that do this are:

So, what to do for now ? i'll wait for an answer from a Atmels to know if they can give me a product id.

It also means we can't use the USB logo on our website.

According to USB IDs, maybe we can use the same id as the AVR example HID Keyboard

03eb  Atmel Corp.
    0902  4-Port Hub
    2002  Mass Storage Device
    2015  at90usbkey sample firmware (HID keyboard)
    2018  at90usbkey sample firmware (CDC ACM)
    2019  stk525 sample firmware (microphone)
    201c  at90usbkey sample firmware (HID mouse)
    201d  at90usbkey sample firmware (HID generic)
    2022  at90usbkey sample firmware (composite device)

 Companies who sell USB vendor id / product ids for USB development:

More Information:



Maybe i can get a vid/pid from the Linux Foundation, see this:


in the worst case i will use the

VID/PID values of 0x0000/0x0000


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