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What about wireless ?

There are two options:

Bluetooth and Wireless USB:

Bluetooth logo

Wireless USB Logo

It seems Wireless USB will be easy to deal with as it will not require any changes to the code, however is expensive and you need a power source inside the keyboard.

There are no Wireless USB dongles as cheaper as bluetooth dongles are.

There are some Wireless USB Hub out there from belkin, iogear and others.

Also maybe we can find a breakout board for a wireless usb single chip like this one from wisair.


Wireless USB workplace

On the other side Wireless USB is not as ubiquituos as Bluetooth is, so probably if we can to support your wireless equipment (smarthone, tablet ) it should support usb and bluetooh.

However as i haven't see any market success on wusb we can consider it is a total failure or in other words: just waporware.

The only device that seems to fit in this category for the purpose of the key64 keyboard is the wisair usb dongle set, but haven't found a website to buy it.

Another option is to use a bluetooth keyboard adapter, like the one from handheldsci.

Bluetooth Keyboard Adapter

This is one of the most appealing wireless keyboard I have found, I have always liked the quality of thinkpad laptops, now we can purchase just the keyboard and mouse combo, a nice alternative to controlling your media center from the bed.

ThinkPad Compact Bluetooth Keyboard with TrackPoint

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